5 Ways Marketing and Sales Can Get Started on the Right Foot

marketing and sales alignment

The end of every June at TechTarget marks the initiation of a brand new sales team that has just completed a comprehensive sales training and on-boarding program (i.e. sales boot camp). As a marketer, I’m provided the opportunity to present to the new sales class to share my perspective on our market opportunity, the latest research […]

Tech Marketer Talks: Boosting Awareness and Engagement across the Globe – HP APJ

Tech Marketer Talks HP APJ

Roshantha Pillay based in Sydney, Australia, is the APJ (Asia Pacific and Japan) Campaign Marketing Manager for HP Enterprise Services. She works across the 7 Practices, namely: Workload and Cloud, Workplace and Mobility, Enterprise Security, Business Applications, Analytics and Data Management, Business Process Services, and Industry Solutions. Being at a regional level, she gets closely […]

The Unlikely Place to Look for Marketing Leaders

product marketing

Marketing is an incredibly broad, rapidly evolving discipline. Today’s marketing leaders must simultaneously be creative and quantitative, handling everything from visual brand identity to funnel analysis, and everything in between. Such polymaths are as rare as a quadruple rainbow. So, where then to find our next batch of marketing talent? In the most unlikely of […]

2 Ways to Use Data to Inform Marketing Creative You Should Start Using Now

intelligence-driven creative

Let’s go back for a moment to a time when there was little insightful marketing data… In 1987, I sat across a very expensive desk from one of the era’s top public relations moguls. Instead of engaging in typical small talk with a junior designer after a client meeting, he turned to me, and with […]

4 Mid-Year Reflections on Sales and Marketing

sales and marketing alignmnent

As TechTarget prepares to hold its mid-year sales meetings, this marks the time when TechTarget along with countless numbers of companies in the B2B technology space takes stock of what its successes have been to date and rolls out the plan to attack the back half of the year. Much akin to bringing your car in for […]

Technology Marketing in Germany: 5 Essential Questions [Video]

technology marketing in Germany

For global marketers doing business or planning to do business in Germany, there are a number of things you need to understand about this market before you get started. Following is a new video from TechTarget featuring 5 essential questions for global technology marketers to consider about their strategies for marketing in Germany. We’d love to […]

How a Culture of Innovation Pays Off


Lots of companies claim to embody a culture of innovation but very few have the track record to back it up. It’s easy to plant the flag of innovation at the center of your company but the real challenge is being able to use it to deliver positive results for your customers and revenue for […]

How Social is Your Value Proposition?

value proposition

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is part of our “Smarter Sales and Marketing” series, a regular feature where technology marketing and sales experts will be sharing insight, tools, and best practices to help today’s leaders better integrate marketing and sales strategies for maximum success. Most organizations’ value propositions are focused squarely on product or service features which, on the face of […]

Trend Watch: Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

What is IoT? As many marketers are aware, the Internet has forever changed the marketing landscape as it relates to our ability to: get messaging into the market quicker; engage and interact with customers/prospects; measure the success of programs;  and most of all, track and monitor behavior to gain critical intelligence about our customer base. But what […]

Tech Marketers Unite in Raleigh, NC – Top 5 Takeaways from the TechTarget ROI Summit

Top 5 ROI Summit takeaways

Event Recap Last Thursday, June 18th we hosted our 37th ROI Summit in Raleigh-Durham, N.C.  Our first Summit in Research Triangle Park was one for the books, with a room packed full of many of the area’s top technology marketers excited to discuss best practices and tricks of the trade. Our own Jon Brown, Vice […]