5 Steps to Creating an Effective Persona-Based Content Strategy

persona based content strategy

One of the biggest challenges marketers face today is leveraging successful persona-based content strategies. Marketers who can incorporate these strategies are more likely to see a lift in sales, and online conversions. Below are five steps that will ensure a successful Persona-based content strategy: 1) Know your market Getting the right content in front of […]

Why the Modern Sales and Marketing Funnel is Like a Pinball Machine


Remember when marketing used to be easy? Let’s talk about the famous lead-to-cash funnel that we all grew up with: What a wonderful metaphor. Makes total sense right? Prospects start at the very top. They stay current and they read up on the latest trends and advancements. They practically hang around the  awareness stage for a […]

5 Signs You May Need Automated Content Marketing Workflows

content marketing workflows

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is part of a series of posts from Jesse Noyes, Sr. Director of Content Marketing at Kapost who will be sharing his expertise around content marketing and platforms to better help our audience navigate this very important area of marketing. Pop quiz. What’s the bigger challenge for organizations when producing content: […]

How to Create 14 Pieces of Content from a Single Idea

Russian Doll content example

Content Marketing – Building Your Content Arsenal 8 months ago, TechTarget released its latest edition of its annual Media Consumption research report and uncovered numerous findings related to the research, purchasing, and engagement preferences of today’s technology buying teams. Because of the large quantity of information available in the one report, we applied the “Russian […]

The Art of the Technology Marketing Case Study

case study image

Case studies can be a pain. But they are essential for marketing technology products to business customers and should be essential to your overall content marketing strategy. Yet, they are really hard to get.  Why? Major clients typically don’t like having their names used as public references. Then, even if you get permission, it can be difficult to craft a […]

How B2B Companies are Leaving Money on the Table

leaving money on the table

The B2B revenue generation process is at an inflection point, but many executives haven’t gotten the news. Marketing has undergone a fundamental transformation in the past decade or so. Advanced marketers work closely with sales to define what a true lead or opportunity is, and then both groups use data-driven programs to deliver on their […]

Tech Marketer Talks: Ashlea Marrow, Websense

Tech Marketer Talks Ashlea Marrow

Ashlea Marrow is a Field Marketing Specialist with Websense, Inc. As a member of the field marketing team, Ashlea shares her inside perspective on what she and her team are doing to get their sales and marketing more tightly aligned, and best practices they’ve adopted to become a more intelligence-driven marketing organization.  Can you tell me a […]

Evolving Trends From TechTarget ROI Summits in Europe

London ROI Summit trends

Last week, TechTarget had its biggest London ROI Summit by far, following successful summits in Paris and Munich. TechTarget has been running European summits for 4 years, but this year, there were 3 trends in particular that stood out to me as quite different than in years past. Role of marketing in the sales process is beginning to change […]

Understanding Senior IT Management Priorities [Infographic]

senior IT manager

How Technology Marketers Can Influence Senior IT Management Reaching and influencing Senior IT leaders is often a top objective for technology marketers. This infographic helps you get a better profile of this important audience and learn their chief concerns and key priorities. To learn more about Senior IT Management buying priorities or how Senior IT Executives do research, click here.

Rethinking Customer Engagement – Continued…

Chief Executive Officer

Earlier this year, my colleague Peter Ross posted a blog about how marketers must bring an increased focus on customer engagement based on the premise that customers are more empowered than ever to self-educate and make decisions well in advance of any interaction with a company’s front line marketing or sales efforts.  Today, because of […]