The Need for a More Intelligence-Driven Sales Approach [Infographic]


To stand out from the competition, and close more deals, sales must become more intelligence-driven With a large quantity of information on solutions and vendors readily available to them, technology buyers are more well-informed prior to the first engagement with sales teams from vendors they are considering. To ensure that first conversation between parties is productive, sales teams must arm themselves with […]

How Do You Bridge the Marketing-Sales Gap? Advocates!

marketing sales handoff

The marketing and sales lead handoff is a topic we’ve been talking about for a long time. While the right way to do it and what it entails continue to be an area of debate, what isn’t disputed is its importance. In fact, over the past 12-18 months, the focus on getting this lead handoff […]

Looks Good, Reads Mediocre? How to Make Content Marketing More Influential

content marketing influence index - icon

Proof that marketers aren’t always sure how to get there Mktr2Mktr author Garrett Mann and I recently had a lively banter about a marketing piece: he commented that it was compelling. I said, nope it’s not, but it’s appealing. Compelling, he insisted! Appealing, I snapped back! Compelling! Appealing! Compelling! Appealing! Fight! Fight! Fight! After pinning […]

Dumbing Marketing Up for the C-Level

c-level exec reading content

Many times, when I work with enterprise technology clients on white papers, I get asked to distill content down into a C-Level “Executive Brief.” The client wants to give the full paper to the technology decision-maker while offering the busy CEO or CIO a digest that is easy to understand. It’s a good strategy. C-Levels […]

3 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Marketing Efforts


Did you know: technology marketing budgets are set to increase by 3.5 percent this year. Hopefully you have the good fortune of increasing your own budget this year. If so, try not to derail the momentum before it starts – make sure you aren’t sabotaging your current marketing efforts by making these 3 marketing blunders: #1: Your tactics aren’t integrated […]

Buyer-Centricity and Other Marketing Insight From TechTarget’s Boston #ROISummit

summit twitpic buyer-centricity

Yesterday, October 29, some of the best and brightest technology marketers gathered at TechTarget headquarters for our annual Boston-area ROI Summit. The jam-packed agenda featured incredibly actionable advice from marketing practitioners, experts, analysts from top companies like CommVault and SiriusDecisions. While all the advice and takeaways were too plentiful to squeeze into one recap, there […]

3 Scary Technology Marketing Mistakes to Avoid This Halloween

halloween scary skull

In an attempt to make sure your marketing strategies remain safe on the spookiest of all holidays, we have come up with a short list of 3 of the scariest mistakes to avoid this Halloween: 1 – Don’t assume buying decisions are made solely by one person uying enterprise technology is a team sport and 61% of all […]

Tech Marketers: Are You a Sales Informer or a Sales Enabler?

sales informer enabler

Pride – we are all guilty of it. We say to ourselves “Gee, look how great my marketing messaging is” or “This content asset is amazing – it is right on point and solves all of our audience’s problems”. We are proud of the work that we have created and we want to tell everyone […]

Marketing Advice Heard at TechTarget’s Worldwide ROI Summits in Asia-Pac


Earlier this month TechTarget’s international series of digital technology marketing events returned to APAC for the third consecutive year to dole out targeted, actionable marketing advice to technology marketers in Singapore and Sydney. You’ll have to ask the 75 marketers in Singapore and 60 in Sydney what they enjoyed best, but as I consult my notes after […]

Data is a Marketer’s Best Friend

marketing data is a marketer's best friend

Long gone are the days that marketers could come up with nifty ad campaigns with no regard for the results they delivered. The ever-changing landscape of digital marketing has put marketers under a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver measurable and repeatable value to the business. To do this, marketers have to act more like […]