3 Reasons Why Marketers Must Market Their Content to Their Sales Teams

market your content to sales

I know what you’re thinking: “Did he just tell me to market content to your own sales teams? Why would I do that? They work for the same company that I do. In fact, most of them sit right across the aisle or down the floor from me.” Also, many of you are thinking that you have enough […]

Ten Reasons to Attend the TechTarget #ROISummit in Austin, TX

ROI Summit Austin

Texas Technology Marketers Unite Throughout the course of 2015, we’re bringing TechTarget’s marketing insight and energy to over 10 cities worldwide.  Our next stop will be in the Lone Star state on Thursday, May 7th to share the latest in B2B marketing with the best and brightest tech marketers coming together in Austin, TX. If […]

B2B Branding: Just Work, Baby

b2b branding

They say death and taxes are the only universal certainties. To those I would add: Everybody consumes. And all consumption is influenced by branding. B2B Branding: What do logic and emotion have to do with it? Branding works because logic has surprisingly little impact on your decision what to buy, especially when the products you’re […]

Content Amnesty: Coming Clean About Your Content – No Questions Asked

content amnesty program

Marketers spend an endless amount of time and energy refining their creative briefs, testing messaging, producing world-class PowerPoint presentations complemented by perfectly edited white papers and compelling landing pages, all to help educate customers and support the selling efforts of their sales teams. Before marketers congratulate themselves on accomplishing their content marketing mission, it’s important […]

Today’s Need for an Intelligence-Driven Marketing Strategy [Infographic]

Intelligence Driven Marketing Strategy

Marketing activities generate data, but intelligence turns data into deals. The technology purchasing landscape has evolved and buyers have the ability to evaluate vendors with little interaction with sales. Because of this marketers have been increasing their content efforts to generate demand and identify potential opportunities. However, with so much content available, it’s intelligence that can […]

The Power of Data in Marketing – Takeaways from TechTarget’s San Francisco #ROISummit

power of data

Last Thurs. March 19th,  over 100 senior technology marketers converged at TechTarget’s San Francisco ROI Summit in San Mateo for an interactive event filled with market trends, best practices, actionable frameworks, and real-world customer case studies.  The event ranged from sessions with global market  leaders like Symantec on their approach to driving business growth by […]

The Number One Mistake Marketers Will Make in 2015

marketing mistake

Have you seen the feature on LinkedIn lately that suggests you “re-connect” with people? Lately it’s been telling me to “re-connect” with my boss. For me, this painted a clear picture of a common trap that marketers often fall into: It’s easy to think that if an activity didn’t happen on our site, or in […]

Compelling Content: Who Are You Writing For – Your Stakeholders or Your Customers ?

compelling content - customers or stakeholders

From your desk, you can watch a Greek tragedy play out slowly. Over weeks, our protagonist will develop a marketing campaign with a goal of collecting lots of leads. In Act I, she will begin the process with stakeholder input sessions. The struggle will begin as soon as she meets her first antagonist: she will […]

Where to Look for Competitor Content Gaps to Build up your Content Portfolio

competitor content gap analysis

Marketers are creating and sharing content more than ever before. In fact, 70 percent of B2B marketers say they are creating more content now than they were just a year ago and content marketing adoption continues to grow. According to Content Marketing Institute, 86 percent of B2B marketers are employing content marketing strategies; however, only […]

6 Must-Have Data Requirements to Find Your Next Deal {Infographic}

2 Attributes

As technology marketing and sales has evolved, there has been a seismic shift in how buyers buyers evaluate vendors and make IT purchase decisions. To keep pace, marketers have begun leveraging data to accurately pinpoint accounts that are in buying mode. This infographic lays out how to identify active buying teams and fully understand true technology […]