7 Ways to Give Your Content Mix Some Curb Appeal

content mix curb appeal

Have you ever heard the saying “this house may need work but it has good bones?” Well, like houses, a lot of content has good bones… but some of it could use a facelift here and thereto be most effective in marketing programs. In recent months, I’ve done my fair share of content audits to […]

6 Macro Disruptors That Will Change Information Technology

macro diruptor

Change is a good thing in the long run, but change can really suck while you’re experiencing it.  Right now, six (6) macro phenomena are changing the practice of Information Technology.  These changes provide both opportunities for new solutions to enter the marketplace, but also threaten the status quo – and the leaders therein.  Whether […]

Why Going Dark in Technology Marketing is Never in Fashion

Always On Strategy

In a past life, I worked in ad sales for a fashion magazine in New York City. With 12 issues, we sold all year round – however the spike that was seen every year in September was huge. September was the end all be all month where a client would need to be in-market or […]

11 Reasons You Can’t Miss the 2015 TechTarget Worldwide ROI Summit Boston

2015 Worldwide ROI Summit Boston

TechTarget has hosted the Worldwide ROI Summit in a variety of cities around the globe in 2015, and we’re once again closing out the year with a final stop in our home headquarters just outside of Boston in Newton, MA on October 29th. As with all of our Summits over the last 8 years, our […]

Tech Marketer Talks: Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing with Priority Engine – SolidFire

tech marketer talks solidfire

Tracy Earles, Senior Manager of Demand Generation, runs a global demand generation team for SolidFire. His team manages all aspects of demand generation across all marketing channels with the goal of delivering MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) to inside sales for sales pursuit. Tracy is a long-time digital marketer who began his career in electrical engineering […]

Is a Lost Kitty Poster a Study in Good Marketing?

lost cat

A clear reminder of the basics, found on a telephone pole At times, the best of us get bogged down. Messaging complexity overwhelms us. We try to incorporate too much contradictory feedback. Stakeholders don’t take the time to understand the simple role that each individual piece plays in the sales process. The design doesn’t function […]

3 Simple, Non-Creepy Marketing Personalization Tips

no-creepy marketing personalization

A recent report by ITSMA has found that the responsibility of B2B marketers is shifting. The number one responsibility of marketers by 2016 will be to understand the buyer. As Katie Martell points out here, this is likely due to buyers having access to more content than ever before, and buyers being able to keep […]

The Missing Piece in Content Marketing

content marketing effectiveness

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is part of our “Smarter Sales and Marketing” series, a regular feature where technology marketing and sales experts will be sharing insight, tools, and best practices to help today’s leaders better integrate marketing and sales strategies for maximum success. While content marketing is one of the most effective and interesting marketing tactics to come down the […]

Flape, Floud, Nomophobia and Other New Technology Terms Marketers Should Know

technology terms

One of the many challenges that technology marketers continue to face is the dizzying amount of new technology terms, acronyms and phrases that seem to enter our vocabulary every day. It almost seems that a new language is emerging that is only being spoken by serious technology practitioners. How do technology sales and marketing teams […]

Using Video to Market to Millennials (From a Millennial’s Perspective)

video for millennials shutterstock

Good or bad, we’ve all heard the word millennial being discussed in the past year; but whether you wanted it to happen or not, millennials are rising fast in the tech industry. According to Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials, IT and Finance companies trump the list. The number one spot on the list with […]