Data is a Marketer’s Best Friend

marketing data is a marketer's best friend

Long gone are the days that marketers could come up with nifty ad campaigns with no regard for the results they delivered. The ever-changing landscape of digital marketing has put marketers under a tremendous amount of pressure to deliver measurable and repeatable value to the business. To do this, marketers have to act more like […]

5 Ways Marketers Can Strengthen Account Engagement and Be a Champion to Sales

strengthen account management

When I hear about oft-lamented conflicts between marketing and sales, it always reminds me of the occasional struggle between a designer and a marketer while building content. They both want the same outcome, but somehow they can find themselves caught in combat over different yet valid aspects of success and are so driven by their […]

Integrated Marketing: The Whole is Only as Good as the Sum of Its Parts

whole only good as parts

More often than not, as marketers, our strategic shift can become very one-dimensional. Instead of seeing the big picture, and combining different strategic tactics, we often lean towards the road most traveled, that which is the most familiar to us. But just because a strategy isn’t familiar, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve inclusion.  In […]

Getting to Know Today’s Latin American Technology Buyer [Infographic]

latin american technology buyer infographic snippet

How can technology marketers best influence Latin American Technology buyers? When it comes to technology buying, Latin America is growing exponentially and technology marketers must make sure they set their strategies now when it comes to influencing buyers in this very important market. This infographic helps you get an in-depth profile of Latin American technology buyers, including […]

Tech Marketer Talks: Harley Lehmann, Cisco Systems

harley lehmann Tech marketer talks - marketing and sales alignment

Harley Lehmann is the Global Demand Centre Head of EMEA Demand Planning for Cisco Systems and is focused daily on delivering best in class marketing services for Cisco field marketing and Partners. He has been with Cisco for 16 years and has served in a number of roles supporting the EMEA markets including: Contact Center Operations, […]

International Marketing: What Technology Marketers Can Learn from the NFL

NFL: International Series-Wembley Stadium Views

While the NFL is under the microscope for numerous items that they wish they could hide from, there is one recent action they took that should be served as a lesson for marketers. This past weekend, the NFL hosted the first of three NFL games at Wembley Stadium in London featuring the Miami Dolphins and […]

7 Steps to Digital Marketing Success

7 steps digital marketing success

As digital marketing has unfolded it has been full of promises to simplify our lives, but the reality is that digital marketing has complicated them more than ever. As a result, 947 marketing technology companies have been created attempting to make digital marketing easier! According to  Adobe’s recent Digital Distress Study: 76% of marketers feel marketing […]

3 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Tech Marketing Strategies in China

tech marketing strategies in China

The rest of the world watched this past week as Alibaba, a Chinese internet company, had the largest IPO in history. It is clear that investors and consumers understand the tremendous opportunity that exists in China. But when it comes to technology marketing, there are still a number of question marks when it comes to […]

5 Questions a Marketer Should Never Ask a Graphic Designer

questions shouldnt ask graphic designer

When you are creating your next piece of content or marketing materials, ask yourself what will make it most effective with your audience and drive the most ROI for your business. Is it informative? Check. Is it actionable? Check. Does it convey the right message? Check. All set, right? Well, maybe not. The important question […]

Channel Marketing Insider – Confessions of an MDF Abuser

Channel MDF abuser

I recently spoke with the former head of a national reseller who refers to himself as a former “MDF Abuser” (for any non-channel readers, I’m referring to Market Development Funds supplied to resellers by their manufacturing partners). He reminisced about the good old days of how MDF was used on face-to-face activities like wining and […]