How Does Your Named Account List Stack Up?

named account list stack

B2B companies everywhere are turning their focus to account-based marketing strategies to better target their ideal customers and drive more revenue effectively.  However, as these ABM strategies are being built out, the level of detail to which these strategies are being executed varies – as well as their results. While working with our clients to […]

The Real Deal: The Power of Purchase Intent Insight – TAKE 3

purchase insight featured

As the saying goes, when it rains it pours! Although, when you’ve got the inside track on a deal, you know exactly what the weather forecast looks like. As you’ve now seen thru my last 2 blog posts on this subject, our project intelligence is accurate and a real catalyst for organizations embracing the opportunity. […]

Using Purchase Intent Insight to Enable Common Sense Marketing (CSM)

common sense marketing

As the CEO of a leading B2B marketing solutions provider, I see the world through the lens of our clients. Our clients are the best B2B tech marketers anywhere. The list is literally a who’s who of movers and shakers in the enterprise solution space. Right now, they’re all working like mad to get their […]

The Real Deal: The Power of Purchase Intent Insight – TAKE 2

intent insight

A couple of weeks ago, I shared this story about the power of real purchase intent. For those that didn’t have a chance to read it, Microsoft recently announced that they had won a huge piece of business (public here from MSFT) in the UK. When we investigated, it turned out this was a project […]

Is Your Demand Generation Funnel Limiting Your Sales Potential?

leaky demand generation funnel

John Wanamaker’s classic problem, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half,” pointed to a need for marketing data in the late 19th century. The challenge Wanamaker voiced over a century ago is even worse today: We have more data than we know what to do […]

CSM: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Marketing Toolkit?

common sense marketing

I envy today’s enterprise technology marketers. It’s an incredibly fast-paced exciting time to be in this business. In contrast, when I was starting out, things moved a lot slower (at least for me). I had a territory – all I needed to do was pitch my solutions as often and thoughtfully as I could. When […]

Before You Leap, Understand the 4 Pillars of Intent-Based Marketing

4 pillars of intent-based marketing

Intent-based marketing is a very important topic right now—it’s the first really promising application of big data in the B2B IT sales and marketing space. The basic idea is simple; it’s not necessarily new: By gaining better insight into impending purchases, we can focus marketing and sales efforts more effectively. Real insight into purchase intent […]

The Real Deal: Proof of the Power of Purchase Intent Insight

purchase intent insight

Like you, I try to learn from my peers.  People succeeding at what I’m trying to do.  And one thing that really helps me is a meaty set of facts:  What was the situation before the deal?  How did things progress?  What was the end result?   Lots of people drop hints about their excellent work […]

Demand Excellence: Insights on the New Reality of Integrated Demand Generation

integrated demand generation light bulb

Integrated demand generation is no longer just about diversifying content, promo messaging and lists. You have a lot more options to feed the top of your funnel and to move sales down that funnel. Those options now promise greater rewards, but with greater inherent risks. This series is intended to help you understand the new […]

Want to Eliminate Account Based Marketing Waste? Publisher Partnerships Could Help

account based marketing waste

For the last 5 years (or more in some cases) B2B tech marketers have made strides to adapt to a new inbound reality where buyer connections were clear. The promise was that if you developed content and made it readily available for consumption, you could generate leads and new prospect relationships. The standard inbound strategy […]