3 Simple, Non-Creepy Marketing Personalization Tips

no-creepy marketing personalization

A recent report by ITSMA has found that the responsibility of B2B marketers is shifting. The number one responsibility of marketers by 2016 will be to understand the buyer. As Katie Martell points out here, this is likely due to buyers having access to more content than ever before, and buyers being able to keep […]

The Missing Piece in Content Marketing

content marketing effectiveness

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is part of our “Smarter Sales and Marketing” series, a regular feature where technology marketing and sales experts will be sharing insight, tools, and best practices to help today’s leaders better integrate marketing and sales strategies for maximum success. While content marketing is one of the most effective and interesting marketing tactics to come down the […]

Flape, Floud, Nomophobia and Other New Technology Terms Marketers Should Know

technology terms

One of the many challenges that technology marketers continue to face is the dizzying amount of new technology terms, acronyms and phrases that seem to enter our vocabulary every day. It almost seems that a new language is emerging that is only being spoken by serious technology practitioners. How do technology sales and marketing teams […]

Using Video to Market to Millennials (From a Millennial’s Perspective)

video for millennials shutterstock

Good or bad, we’ve all heard the word millennial being discussed in the past year; but whether you wanted it to happen or not, millennials are rising fast in the tech industry. According to Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials, IT and Finance companies trump the list. The number one spot on the list with […]

Tech Marketer Talks: Driving More Revenue with Full-Funnel Marketing – Cisco

Tech Marketer Talks Cisco

Jenny Hooks is the Revenue Marketing Manager, Americas Inbound at Cisco. She’s been at Cisco for eight years in a variety of roles spanning marketing execution, marketing automation and strategic marketing. She is currently responsible for digital revenue marketing for the Americas which includes the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. As part of her role […]

Fighting for the Shortlist: 3 Reasons you Need a Publisher in your Corner

fighting for the shortlist

Over the past couple of years many marketers have put a heavier emphasis on content marketing.  During this time many brands have pushed to become “publishers”.  As a marketer with 10+ years’ experience and 6+ in publishing, I know this isn’t an easy task. Even the biggest and best brands are inherently going to have […]

Why Your Company Should Be Using Instagram to Engage Prospects

instagram logo

Social media has no doubt become a hot topic of conversation these days among people of all ages; some people express how they think it’s one of the best things to happen to society, and some say they think it’s one of the worst. Despite the opponents of social media’s omnipresence and continuous growth, newer […]

4 Surefire Tips to Drive Better Email Marketing Performance

email marketing best practices

For the past 8 years I’ve worked at TechTarget, 7 of those were spent catering to the IT end-user audience of our Storage Media Group. My main objectives, in a nutshell, were to grow and nurture these IT professionals, requiring a number of emails to be sent out. Emails to highlight editorial tips, emails to […]

Top 4 Social Media Tips for B2B Marketers

B2B social media tips

We all know social media is a well-known tactic used in B2C marketing initiatives. From using social channels as real-time customer service engines to promoting the latest sales and sharing coupons, most B2C companies have a myriad of applications for social media marketing. But what about on the B2B side? Believe it or not, 84 […]

5 Ways Marketing and Sales Can Get Started on the Right Foot

marketing and sales alignment

The end of every June at TechTarget marks the initiation of a brand new sales team that has just completed a comprehensive sales training and on-boarding program (i.e. sales boot camp). As a marketer, I’m provided the opportunity to present to the new sales class to share my perspective on our market opportunity, the latest research […]