3 Questions to Ask Before Executing a Named Account Marketing Strategy

3 questions_named account marketing

A named account list is a great way to focus your organization on a specific set of companies you are looking to sell your solutions into, but if not deployed properly, can lead to wasted time and opportunities for your sales and marketing teams. Before you execute a named account marketing strategy, there are a few questions you need […]

Are You More Social Than a 3rd Grader?

3rd grade social media

Giving new meaning to the subject of “Social Studies” Any B2B marketers interested in peeking around the corner to see the future of social media don’t have to look much further than my 3rd grader. As a marketer (and Dad) I’m fascinated how seamlessly my 9 year-old has adopted social media tools to communicate with friends and family, […]

Event Marketing: 4 Rules of Engagement Every Marketer Should Know

event marketing rules

Events are content too you know… You spend countless hours scoping venues, scrutinizing over your directional signage, arranging for a gift that will make you the Oscar gift bag of your speaker community, all while making sure you have just the right amount of coffee served in a room that’s the optimal temperature (you event […]

Tech Marketer Talks: How CommVault is Driving ROI with Data-Driven Marketing


We recently sat down with a few members of CommVault’s Marketing team at our Boston ROI Summit to discuss how they’re utilizing TechTarget to drive ROI through data-driven marketing. We were joined by Dawn Colossi and Staci Gullotta. Dawn Colossi is Senior Director of Worldwide Corporate Marketing CommVault with 20+ years’ marketing experience and drives […]

The 7 Worst “Drivers” of Content Marketing Strategy – How to Lessen Their Impact

7 worst drivers image

Everything that I know about content contributors, I learned in rush hour traffic After decades of sitting in traffic, people watching for hours at a time, I’ve come to understand how different drivers’ personalities correlate to how different people affect the content creation process. As many good drivers as there are out there, there are […]

5 Reasons Why Late Stage Leads are Only a Small Piece of the Puzzle

late stage leads small piece of puzzle

All of you technology marketers have undoubtedly heard from your sales counterparts countless times that they want more late stage leads who are “ready to buy”. This sounds great on paper – who doesn’t want leads who are “ready to buy”? But are these leads always the best leads? Just because they are ready to buy, doesn’t mean […]

11 Reasons I’m Thankful That I’m Not in Sales

11 reasons tech marketers are thankful they aren't in technology sales

After a satisfying Thanksgiving meal and the benefit of a few days off to reflect, I thought I’d talk about something I’m thankful for this year. I am thankful that I’m not in technology sales. Why? Because these 11 stats show just how hard it is to influence, identify and close deals today – harder […]

The Need for a More Intelligence-Driven Sales Approach [Infographic]


To stand out from the competition, and close more deals, sales must become more intelligence-driven With a large quantity of information on solutions and vendors readily available to them, technology buyers are more well-informed prior to the first engagement with sales teams from vendors they are considering. To ensure that first conversation between parties is productive, sales teams must arm themselves with […]

How Do You Bridge the Marketing-Sales Gap? Advocates!

marketing sales handoff

The marketing and sales lead handoff is a topic we’ve been talking about for a long time. While the right way to do it and what it entails continue to be an area of debate, what isn’t disputed is its importance. In fact, over the past 12-18 months, the focus on getting this lead handoff […]

Looks Good, Reads Mediocre? How to Make Content Marketing More Influential

content marketing influence index - icon

Proof that marketers aren’t always sure how to get there Mktr2Mktr author Garrett Mann and I recently had a lively banter about a marketing piece: he commented that it was compelling. I said, nope it’s not, but it’s appealing. Compelling, he insisted! Appealing, I snapped back! Compelling! Appealing! Compelling! Appealing! Fight! Fight! Fight! After pinning […]