3 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Tech Marketing Strategies in China

tech marketing strategies in China

The rest of the world watched this past week as Alibaba, a Chinese internet company, had the largest IPO in history. It is clear that investors and consumers understand the tremendous opportunity that exists in China. But when it comes to technology marketing, there are still a number of question marks when it comes to […]

5 Questions a Marketer Should Never Ask a Graphic Designer

questions shouldnt ask graphic designer

When you are creating your next piece of content or marketing materials, ask yourself what will make it most effective with your audience and drive the most ROI for your business. Is it informative? Check. Is it actionable? Check. Does it convey the right message? Check. All set, right? Well, maybe not. The important question […]

Channel Marketing Insider – Confessions of an MDF Abuser

Channel MDF abuser

I recently spoke with the former head of a national reseller who refers to himself as a former “MDF Abuser” (for any non-channel readers, I’m referring to Market Development Funds supplied to resellers by their manufacturing partners). He reminisced about the good old days of how MDF was used on face-to-face activities like wining and […]

Breaking Bad… Marketing Habits


As a marketer, have you ever wondered whether or not you’re doing your marketing right?  I’ll admit, I second guess myself all the time: Am I building the right content? Am I measuring the right metrics? Am I telling the right stories? Am I delivering the right results? It got me thinking about what I […]

Responsibility in Retargeting


Have you noticed how those new running shoes you checked out on Wednesday for your race on Friday have since followed you to your favorite runner’s blog, popped into your favorite social feed and even appeared alongside your running group emails? What a great ad experience – those shoes I showed an interest in that […]

One 3-Hour Event to Fuel Your Marketing Strategies for the Next 4 Quarters

TechTarget Boston ROI Summit

Boston-area technology marketers and sales reps: These are the most important 3 hours you will spend getting ready for the next year Join us for our annual Boston ROI Summit and in the same amount of time it takes to watch a Patriots game, you will get top-notch guidance to support your marketing efforts over the next […]

Trend Watch: Using Vine for B2B marketing

vine logo

Many of you have heard of Vine, but if you haven’t, you probably are not alone (new trends tend to take their time making their way to B2B and Technology Marketing). For those that don’t know, Vine is a short-form video sharing service owned by Twitter that features looping videos that are no longer than 6 […]

Humanizing the Buyer’s Journey

leads buyers journey

Using content to attract sales leads requires a deep dive into the human psyche.  It wasn’t always this way, but as concepts such as the buyer’s journey and gated content become the norm, competition for attention has intensified.   It’s not good enough anymore to dangle a white paper and expect prospects to volunteer to be […]

Color use in technology marketing: If you don’t use blue, does your marketing suck?

Color use in technology marketing

I found out that mine does, and I’m okay with it Someone recently forwarded me this infographic, and it immediately reminded me of a meeting years ago, when as a young graphic designer I sat across the table from an onerous client. After what I thought was a tough, but successful presentation of concept, he […]

Tech Marketer Talks: Geeta Sachdev – CMO, VMTurbo

Geeta Sachdev

Geeta Sachdev is the Chief Marketing Officer for VMTurbo. With over 20 years of global marketing experience, Geeta has been a pioneer bringing the sales and marketing high velocity model to the B2B technology market.  She initially spearheaded this approach as a senior executive in the Consumer division at Dell, followed by her role as […]