Tech Marketer Talks: Driving Digital Growth and Actionable Marketing Opportunities across Asia-Pacific – LogRhythm


Joanne Wong is a technology marketing veteran. When she joined LogRhythm as its Singapore-based Asia Pacific marketing director, she quickly learned a lesson: a bigger marketing team doesn’t always mean better results. In this conversation, Joanne shares how she gets maximum value out of a small group of dedicated marketers and how her team is working […]

Why I Joined TechTarget – The 4 P’s of Choosing and Joining a Company

4ps of choosing and joining a company.

Having spent the better part of my career in tech B2B marketing, I count my lucky stars because of all the positive energy right now.  At the same time, as I set about looking for my next challenge, I found myself smack in the middle of the reality we all face:  With so much choice, […]

B2B Technology Marketing and Media – Market Spotlight: France

France B2B technology marketing

An interview with David Castaneira – Country Manager, TechTarget France In this 2016 Market Spotlight series we’ll be giving in-depth interviews with regional marketers on the current state of B2B technology marketing in countries around the world.  This series is meant to provide regional background understanding of unfamiliar markets that you, as a marketer, might be purchasing or […]

A Sales Tool your Channel and Resellers Will Thank You for

qualified sales opportunities thank marketing and sales

Recently, the TechTarget sales organization had the privilege of hosting one of our clients, a Business Development Executive from a leading Technology Distributor, to discuss his experiences generating quality engagements for his sales teams and specifically the success he is seeing with one of TechTarget’s products, IT Deal Alert: Qualified Sales Opportunities. Qualified Sales Opportunities is […]

Lead, Don’t Sell: What Michael Phelps Can Teach B2B Marketers about Content

michael phelps thought leadership content

In my role at TechTarget, I evaluate a lot of client assets. I look at it for quality of content, proper length, call to actions as well as stage in the buy cycle. What I find a lot of the time is that it’s easy and often very common for clients to create and heavy […]

Brand Retargeting (at a Cocktail Party)

Next time you are at a cocktail party and you meet someone new, try this: speak to them for a while, then go back up to them an hour later and introduce yourself again. Let me know how it goes… Standard Brand Messaging vs. Banner Retargeting Often I have clients who run the same standard brand […]

How do Marketers Evaluate Intent Data? Go to the Source

data sources bottled

There are many choices marketers have when it comes to data, but the truth is; data is only as good as its source. Understanding just how the data you possess is derived is key to understanding just how effective that data can be for you. “Bottled at the Source” Many bottled water companies will use […]

How to Become an Effective Multi-Channel Seller [Infographic]

multi-channel selling

In order to be successful in today’s competitive selling landscape, it is essential to leverage all of your selling channels to their fullest extent. This infographic provides B2B sales professionals with best practice advice on how to improve multi-channel selling and use data to better engage prospects and convert opportunities. Click here to download.

‘Go Green’ with Your Content Marketing

recycle content

Earth Day has just passed, and the big theme this year (and every year) was, of course, to recycle. And as I passed by sign after sign in my town leading up to our earth Day celebrations telling me to reuse and recycle, I couldn’t help but think that this too should be a theme […]

What is True Intent Data?

what is true intent data

Data. It is a word that has sparked a revolution in marketing. There are new categories being built, new marketing teams being assembled around data science, and for all you sports fans out there, executives are being hired by teams in completely different sports and leagues based on their ability to employ data and analytics. But why […]