Tech Marketer Talks: Geeta Sachdev – CMO, VMTurbo

Geeta Sachdev

Geeta Sachdev is the Chief Marketing Officer for VMTurbo. With over 20 years of global marketing experience, Geeta has been a pioneer bringing the sales and marketing high velocity model to the B2B technology market.  She initially spearheaded this approach as a senior executive in the Consumer division at Dell, followed by her role as […]

Tech Marketer Talks: Susan Hass, VCE

susan hass VCE

Susan Hass directs branding, corporate events, and web properties at VCE, the market leader in converged infrastructure and one of the fastest growing cloud infrastructure companies today. As Senior Director of Corporate Marketing, Susan shares her unique experience in successfully integrating marketing, sales enablement, and global initiatives to improve sales alignment and marketing productivity in […]

4 Things You Wouldn’t Do Offline, So Don’t Dare Do Them Online


The digital marketing world is complex and ever changing. It’s so complex that in a 2013 Adobe Digital Study, 79% of marketers say marketing has changed more in the past 2 years than it has in the previous 50 years. With such a complex digital marketing environment I wanted to help marketers level-set through by providing 4 digital […]

The 4 Essential Attributes of Great Content

great content thumbs up

What makes “great content” so great? With the number of articles published each day nearing 100,000, consumers are inundated with information from every angle, both on and offline. Because of this, brands practicing content marketing must focus on creating content that is truly great to reach their target audience in a meaningful way. Today, up […]

Why More Marketers Should Compost Their Ineffective Content

compost content

Despite significant content marketing investments made by many B2B marketers (this one included), an extraordinary amount of content is still ineffective or simply goes to waste. A closer look at this useless content reveals some consistent and avoidable marketing bad habits: A tendency to produce content that is irrelevant and not audience-centric An emphasis on volume […]

5 Steps to Creating an Effective Persona-Based Content Strategy

persona based content strategy

One of the biggest challenges marketers face today is leveraging successful persona-based content strategies. Marketers who can incorporate these strategies are more likely to see a lift in sales, and online conversions. Below are five steps that will ensure a successful Persona-based content strategy: 1) Know your market Getting the right content in front of […]

Why the Modern Sales and Marketing Funnel is Like a Pinball Machine


Remember when marketing used to be easy? Let’s talk about the famous lead-to-cash funnel that we all grew up with: What a wonderful metaphor. Makes total sense right? Prospects start at the very top. They stay current and they read up on the latest trends and advancements. They practically hang around the  awareness stage for a […]

5 Signs You May Need Automated Content Marketing Workflows

content marketing workflows

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is part of a series of posts from Jesse Noyes, Sr. Director of Content Marketing at Kapost who will be sharing his expertise around content marketing and platforms to better help our audience navigate this very important area of marketing. Pop quiz. What’s the bigger challenge for organizations when producing content: […]

How to Create 14 Pieces of Content from a Single Idea

Russian Doll content example

Content Marketing – Building Your Content Arsenal 8 months ago, TechTarget released its latest edition of its annual Media Consumption research report and uncovered numerous findings related to the research, purchasing, and engagement preferences of today’s technology buying teams. Because of the large quantity of information available in the one report, we applied the “Russian […]

The Art of the Technology Marketing Case Study

case study image

Case studies can be a pain. But they are essential for marketing technology products to business customers and should be essential to your overall content marketing strategy. Yet, they are really hard to get.  Why? Major clients typically don’t like having their names used as public references. Then, even if you get permission, it can be difficult to craft a […]