Where Does Outsourced Telemarketing Fit into Your B2B Tech Marketing and Sales Mix?

outsourced telemarketing

Telemarketing has been a mainstay of B2B tech marketing for decades, especially internationally.  It is necessary and effective, but with the maturity of online sources and methods, experienced tech marketing teams are discriminating where they deploy telemarketing. The below grid provides a framework (and some opinions) for when to use outsourced telemarketing based on stage […]

Does Telemarketing for Lead Acquisition Get You Good Data about International IT Decision Makers?

telemarketing lead acquisition

Getting accurate data at the beginning of your lead process is crucial, especially about the lead’s interests in your solution area. You stake your reputation with the sales team when you deliver prospects. They judge you based on whether the leads have legitimate interest in your tech area. Beyond the sales team, if you start […]

Why Marketers Need to be Down with OPP (Other People’s Platforms)

social platform publishing

Are you down with OPP? Sorry, ‘90s rap fans, I’m not talking about the acronym popularized by Naughty By Nature, but one more appropriate for B2B publishers and marketers:  Other People’s Platforms. For a long time, marketers have been comfortable with using others’ platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. – as a way to drive […]

Tales from Modern Marketers

modern marketers

This past week, we had our 2016 sales kickoff right here in TechTarget’s Newton headquarters. This time of year is a time of excitement and optimism moving into a new year. Each and every year we look for new ways to help our customers, technology marketers, achieve more success and drive better results with their marketing programs […]

3 Questions Your Marketing Content Must Answer in 2016

marketing content questions

2016. A new year (and a happy one to you!). Time to start fresh, look ahead, and keep those resolutions you’ve set (or at least attempt to). It’s funny how overnight people’s mindsets change on how they plan to live out the year (or the rest of their life)—a lot of the time it’s self-motivated […]

To Gate or Not to Gate, That is the Question… for Content Marketers

gate content

In today’s world of social media and sharing, there are numerous B2B marketers who ask themselves every day whether they should gate their content or leave it open for all to see and download. Gate or un-gate – what is the ultimate answer to this question? If I could answer that question right here, this […]

2016 Resolutions for B2B Marketers

new year's marketing resolutions

The New Year is the perfect time to start fresh and set some new goals for yourself. So in the spirit of things, I’ve laid out a few New Year’s marketing resolutions that all marketers can take into account as they look to turn over a new leaf and build on their successes in 2016. […]

More Effective Marketing: 3 Things a Marketer Can Learn from a Graphic Designer

3 things marketers can learn from graphic designer

The guy dressed in black three cubicles over knows something you don’t. He’s not smarter, he’s not more experienced nor is he a better marketer. But every day he does things in ways that would benefit you if you knew how effective his methods are. Below are 3 methods to consider… 3 approaches you should learn […]

When Marketing Internationally, Size Matters

marketing internationally passports

In one of my last posts, I covered the 6 things NA Marketers Need to Know When Marketing Internationally. We received great feedback from our readership on these tips, so we’ve decided to do a deeper-dive into each point – to answer some of the questions we’ve received, and also to provide a clearer picture […]

How Culturally Aware is Your Content Marketing Strategy?

in-language content

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you know how diverse cultures can be. Languages, social norms, currency, religion, fashion – everything varies from culture to culture. And your content marketing strategy should be no different. Many marketers understand the need for in-language content when marketing internationally – but are all marketers really doing enough to cater […]