MONOPOLY – The Marketer’s Edition

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The holidays are right around the corner and for me and my family that means gatherings of relatives and friends; lots of food and drink; and lots of games—both sport and board games alike. One of our ‘go-tos’ … MONOPOLY. I know, I know… you’re probably thinking “Why am I reading about a game I […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Retargeting Campaign


Retargeting is obviously very popular, spend 5 min on Facebook and you are likely to see proof of this. If you prefer more quantitative data, according to AdRoll the number of marketers spending on re-targeting from 2013 to 2014 increased from 34% to 71%. Knowing that AdRoll as a data source for re-targeting growth is […]

3 Common Global Technology Marketing Challenges Discovered at TechTarget APAC ROI Summits

global technology marketing challenges

We may be on the other side of the world, but we’re all in the same boat. That was my biggest take-away from this year’s annual ROI Summit series in Singapore and Sydney. Over 150 technology marketers from APJ packed the room to learn about the most common digital marketing mistakes (and how to avoid […]

Why Technology Companies Should Conduct a Content Audit

content audit

The term “content audit” is used quite frequently in content marketing, and even on this blog. But what exactly is a content audit, and why do technology companies need one? What is a content audit? For starters, a content audit at its simplest form is a qualitative analysis of content published on a company’s web […]

Tech Marketer Talks: Driving Top Line Business Growth with Global Integrated Marketing – Dimension Data

dimension data

Pam Casale is Dimension Data’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and has worldwide responsibility for enabling sales to sell the Dimension Data public, private and hybrid cloud and making Dimension Data Cloud the number one destination for production grade workloads and applications. She oversees a team responsible for enabling sellers around the world with game-changing […]

Marketers Beware: Not All Purchase Intent Data is Created Equal

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New technologies are a great thing. Often they lead to new ways to approach issues and can be disruptive as well as additive to success. They lead to new and innovative ways to accomplish goals and tasks. However, with new technologies there’s also a level of unknown and an initial learning curve that needs to ensue where our lack […]

Effectively Engage Today’s IT Buyer – Takeaways from TechTarget’s Boston ROI Summit

boston roi summit overview

Last Thursday October 29th we invited the area’s top tech marketers to TechTarget’s headquarters in Newton, MA. for the 38th ROI Summit.  We saw a strong turnout early for those interested in learning about the latest technology purchase trends and B2B marketing strategies.  A snapshot into the key themes being discussed included: Understanding the Current […]

I’m LOB and I Admit It, I Need IT

LOB and IT

Being in the business of creating content to help tech buyers buy, we spend a lot of time dissecting how those buys are actually made.  One of the bigger shifts we’ve seen (as tech has made its way from supporting the business to enabling everyone from HR to Sales) is the evolution of the buying […]

There Are No Secrets to Great Marketing

no secrets

It’s true – there are no secrets to great marketing.  Everything that we, as marketers, do is on public display (and if it’s not, is it really marketing at all?). This places marketers in a unique position – every other function in your company has the advantage of secrecy. Can you imagine if the engineering […]

6 Things North American Marketers Need to Know When Marketing Internationally

marketing internationally

Spoiler: It’s not the same as marketing in North America More and more frequently, I’m seeing requests from North American (NA) marketers looking to reach a worldwide audience. That’s really no surprise, since we’ve seen a 35% increase in International marketing based out of North America since 2014. And since that number is anticipated to […]