Tech Marketer Talks: [24]7 Inc. Harnesses Priority Engine Intent Data to Grow its Database and Deepen Engagement


Kevin Payne, Vice President, Global Field Marketing and Michelle Wong, Marketing Programs Manager are part of [24]7’s Global Field Marketing team. Their team is responsible for all demand generation activities which encompasses growing the company’s database, nurturing programs, and working with partners for integrated marketing. Their marketing team supports sales across North America, U.K. and […]

An Alternative to SEM: Being Where Your Buyers Go After They Search

search behavior - alternatives to SEM

What B2B marketing stat are you sick of hearing about more:  how 72% of buyers start with Search, or how your buyers go 70% through the buy-cycle before they engage with your sales rep? My bet is the latter.  What deserves more attention is the consideration of what happens next after your buyers (who aren’t […]

Is Your “Integrated” Strategy Actually Dis-Integrating Customer Experience?

integrated marketing strategy

Check any marketing textbook and it will tell you that a strategy is a carefully developed plan or method for achieving a goal. To me, it’s no comfort really that in most situations there can be multiple strategies to achieve the same goal. This may be due to legitimate causes – like maybe the degree […]

Mind the Gaps 2 – For Better Customer Experience, Ditch Batch Marketing and Get Agile

agile marketing

Hope is not a strategy – Good customer experiences can’t come from Batch Marketing When we have to wait to compile the right data and analytics to know what to do next, we’re operating in “batch mode”. And when we’re in batch mode, by the time we execute our next campaign or tactic, the market […]

Mind the Gaps – Align Marketing Skills, Resources and Actions to Drive the Business

Mind the Marketing Gaps

A tough (but great) boss at SAP once said to me:  “I know that when I invest in Sales guys today I get more sales tomorrow … why’s marketing always got to be so different?” Well, there’re a lot of good reasons why this might be. But the challenge he puts to all of us […]

How Technology Marketers Can Navigate the Opportunity in Brazil

marketing content to brazil

Brazil has certainly been making headlines lately. Political turmoil and even a potential Zika virus epidemic have posed major hurdles for the country and its economy. But an economic crisis doesn’t happen overnight, and the overall effects, as well as the permanency of those effects, are yet to be seen. In fact, despite the current […]

The Promise and Pitfalls of Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

account-based marketing featured

According to a recent survey by FlipMyFunnel, 64% of marketers plan to implement Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in the next year. If done right, ABM can pay huge dividends for your organization. But as with any new strategy, executing is not always as easy as it looks. To achieve maximum success, it’s not enough to simply […]

B2B Technology Marketing and Media – Market Spotlight: China

China B2B technology marketing

An interview with Shirley Xie – Country Manager, TechTarget China In this 2016 Market Spotlight series we’ll be giving in-depth interviews with regional marketers on the current state of B2B technology marketing in countries around the world.  This series is meant to provide regional background understanding of unfamiliar markets that you, as a marketer, might be purchasing or working […]

Tech Marketer Talks: Driving Digital Growth and Actionable Marketing Opportunities across Asia-Pacific – LogRhythm


Joanne Wong is a technology marketing veteran. When she joined LogRhythm as its Singapore-based Asia Pacific marketing director, she quickly learned a lesson: a bigger marketing team doesn’t always mean better results. In this conversation, Joanne shares how she gets maximum value out of a small group of dedicated marketers and how her team is working […]

Why I Joined TechTarget – The 4 P’s of Choosing and Joining a Company

4ps of choosing and joining a company.

Having spent the better part of my career in tech B2B marketing, I count my lucky stars because of all the positive energy right now.  At the same time, as I set about looking for my next challenge, I found myself smack in the middle of the reality we all face:  With so much choice, […]