How to Kill a Sales Opportunity in 3 Simple Steps

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In a market where both upstarts and 800 lb gorillas are competing for business, it is critical to make the most of every opportunity. But creating and capitalizing on technology marketing and sales opportunities in today’s economy is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, collaboration, and sometimes, long periods of time to achieve […]

This is Not Your Grandfather’s Marketing Funnel [Video]

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The notion of the marketing and sales funnel has been around for close to a century. While some have implied that the funnel is an antiquated metaphor for today’s marketer, we’d argue that the funnel is as relevant as ever before. Embracing an intelligence-driven marketing funnel The marketing funnel may very well be alive and […]

Automation Without Intelligence is Just Not Smart

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The numbers are clear. Most marketers (nearly 70% of businesses) are using some type of Automation system. While there are many success metrics supporting the use of these systems (here and here are just a couple examples) this post isn’t about why you need to use an automation tool – it’s about how you can make […]

3 Questions Marketers Should Ask the Next Graphic Designer They Interview

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Every time I’ve been hired to work in a technology company, I’ve been interviewed and hired by a marketer and not by another graphic designer. If you are a marketer, hiring the right graphic designer is not about matching candidates with your bullet point list of required skills. It’s about asking the right questions… If […]

Top Ten Reasons to Attend a TechTarget #ROISummit Near You

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Tech Marketers Worldwide Unite Throughout the course of 2015, we’re bringing TechTarget’s marketing insight and energy to over 10 cities worldwide.  Our free TechTarget Worldwide ROI Summit series debuts in the U.S. in San Francisco on March 19th followed by events in Austin and Boston. We will also be heading across Europe starting February 26th in […]

The 10 Biggest B2B Technology Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

10 biggest technology mistakes to avoid - featured

There is no shortage of advice and best practices out there on how marketing and sales teams can address their challenges, including in the pages of this very blog. Some of this advice is based on research, some of it based on fact, and some of it based on opinion. If you’re lucky, you will sometimes […]

How to Talk so Sales Wants to Listen… and Learn

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I recently came across a Ted Talks video by Julian Treasure, a top-rated international speaker on   “How to talk so people want to listen”.  It got me thinking about ways Marketing can communicate with Sales effectively so sales is receptive to listening and taking away something concrete they will retain that will help them sell […]

It’s Time to Ditch the Phone Book Approach to Sales and Marketing

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Most well-intentioned B2B technology marketers put the best interests of their customers ahead of everything else.  These customer-centric marketers spend an extraordinary amount of time, effort and resources to better understand the needs and preferences of technology buyers in order to help their sales teams target the best prospects. If that’s the case, then why […]

I’m Not Just a Graphic Designer – I’m a Marketer Too

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One of the proud moments of my career happened when I was working overseas at an ad agency. One of our clients was a large natural gas distributor, which had just gotten into manufacturing and installing LPG (liquid propane gas) conversion kits for cars. LPG conversion was a big boom in that country since it […]

Don’t Just Be a Content Marketer – Stand Out as a Content Navigator

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Over the years, we have all witnessed the power shift in the buyer/seller relationship. The education that a buying team requires in order to make a well-informed purchase decision is no longer only generated by sales reps. Instead, it is the information featured in various content and media such as white papers, eBooks and videos […]